One of the greatest things gamers enjoy today are the extras that come along with collectors’ editions when they are willing to pay its premium price. For a blockbuster and long-awaited release like Fallout 4, it is fitting that its collectors’ edition will come with a wearable Pip-Boy.


For those who are wondering what this mega-sized arm contraption is, your in-game character in Fallout 4 will be wearing this to keep track of objectives, personal stats (i.e. skills, attributes and even perks) and just about everything else to help you survive the post apocalyptic world of Fallout. The life-size Pip-Boy is almost similar and synchronises with the game character that you will be playing.

Putting it on, the giant watch straps nicely on most arm sizes in general and has a massive strap to stay firm against your arm. Bethesda seems to have gathered that most gamers’ arms are rather huge and we found it to look slightly funny on skinny arms.


On the arm, it looks almost exactly like the in-game device and comes complete with a radio tuner, radiation counter (obviously not working as intended) and a big storage box with the Vault 111 logo branded on it. The plastic material allows the Pip-boy to stay light-weight and comfortable. Be warned though, it does get warm after awhile, but this is something that will vary from user to user. Not really a drawback, but the Pip-boy might also feel toy like to some extent.


There are foam inserts to fit a number of phone models ranging from the iPhone 5 series to the Nexus 4. Make sure you choose the right foam inserts so that your phone does not drop off by accident.


The App is currently available for download on the both Android and iOS and shows the functions to sync to the game (that is yet to release) and a demo that gives you a good look and feel of how it works. The all-too-familiar beeps and bloops in demo mode and the user experience lets you pretend to be a charming and perceptive level 6 wastelander. You can navigate through your stats, inventory, and even access the map. It also lets you play the Fallout themed minigame called Atomic Command.


The app does not require the physical Pip-boy to work. If you do have it though, you can adjust the screen size to fit the viewable size when your phone is in it. Otherwise, just choose the fullscreen mode and you’ll get right into the app’s features.


From the get-go the app is already sounding like THE companion that you will want to have with you while you’re gaming. Having it released a week before the launch is a good way of letting interested gamers get used to the app first.